Travelling From Seville To Faro

Seville which is located in Spain, and Faro which is located in Portugal are two very scenic towns which are fairly close to each other and easy to travel between. In fact, there are only 125 miles separating them, and this distance can be traveled easily and quickly. You can expect warm and sunny climates in both places, as well as a good amount of historical things to look at. And the best part is that these two places don’t have as many tourists as you’d expect so they’re far from crowded. Chances are you’ll probably want to visit both places so this article will be to inform you of how you can do that.

Seville to Faro by Train

Travelling from place to place by train is a fairly popular method of travel that many people utilize, but unfortunately there is no direct train route from Seville to Faro. Since there is no Seville to Faro train you would need to take a few detours in order to travel between the two places in this way. Firstly you’d need to take a train from Seville to Madrid, then from Madrid to Lisbon (likely on a night train), and finally from Lisbon to Faro. The times of the trains will vary and it will require a bit of planning in order to switch trains without spending too much time waiting for the next one.

Drive or Bus

You should keep in mind that you could also drive from Seville to Faro yourself or take a bus. The drive will take about two and half hours, and if you take a bus then you can expect to spend about 10 Euros. There is no need to worry too much about crossing the border because they recently raised the restrictions put in place because of Covid. Before the restrictions were lifted you would’ve had to provide proof that your travel was essential or that you were a resident trying to get home. You can now travel freely over the border as long as you have a negative PCR test that was taken within 72 hours of reaching the border. The only exception to this rule are children under two years of age.

Overall, travelling from Seville to Faro isn’t difficult although there is no train connecting the two directly. Driving yourself or taking a bus are valid options and if you do decide to travel by train then with some planning and a few detours you can make it with no problems. And crossing over the border shouldn’t present much of a problem. Both of these places are great ones to visit, and you won’t regret travelling between them.

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