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Last week I had a few extra days in Lisbon after giving up my (rather noisy!) Bairro Alto apartment. Before heading off to Coimbra and Porto I spend 5 nights at Rostelbem guest house Lisbon.

If you are looking for something cheap and reasonably quiet in Lisbon then I would recommend that you book Rostelbem. I say reasonable quiet because of course when you are in a hostel and especially when you are sharing a dorm quiet isn’t always guarantee! But it’s no Bairro Alto I tell you that – it’s not like it’s above a bar or anything!

Location of Rostelbem Guest House Lisbon

The location of Rostelbem is very convenient. It’s slightly out of the central busy districts including Bairro Alto and Barca Chiado. This has two advantages – cheaper and quieter. Yet it’s still very accessible. To get to rostelbem take the metro to Saldanha station and it’s a short walk from therr

Checking in

Check in closed at 10pm but if you arrive slightly late due to a late flight there are options to have a late check in if you pay an extra fee – of course it’s only fair as staff have to wake up and work extra hours. I arrived around 11.30pm and had to pay an extra €15. Still cheaper than getting a pricy hotel with 24 hour reception.

But if you are going to arrive late then make sure that they know this in advance and have credit and data on your phone when you arrive to contact them.

It’s not really obvious where it is – look for number 6 above a very dark green door.


The dorms are clean and well maintained with lockers and clothes rails. Duvets, bed sheets and towels are all provided by rostelbem.

The bathrooms are clean and basic but all that you need or expect from a hostel. Make sure that you don’t put toilet paper down the loo as the systems cannot cope with that and most Portuguese use bidets. Also when you shower try to be quick to avoid queues. Switch the water off when you soap your hair and body to preserve water – people are much more conscious of this in portugal than in U.K.


The reason why I thought that this guest house was excellent value is because it is one of the few Lisbon hostels that offers breakfast included in the price. You get bread/toast with cheese and jam. There are also cereals and cake. Roberto makes an amazing cake daily for his guests – one of the highlights of staying here!

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