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Ericeira is a stunning little fishing village, providing a laidback vibe full of narrow, cobbled streets, white and blue houses and beautiful ocean views.

It is a fantastic location if you’re considering a yoga retreat holiday and are unsure of where to go for it. Below, this article will detail three fantastic options for yoga retreats in or near Ericeira, detailing the positives and negatives of each to allow you to get a true overview of each location!

108 House

This is a fantastic, easy to reach location, just a short walk from the old town of Ericeira. There are several beaches within walking distance – one is only an easy 2-minute walk away. It is a large, well equipped, spacious building, with a huge terrace offering amazing ocean views.

The house and retreats are run by Federico and Ricardo, who have over ten years of experience in teaching yoga, meditation and nutrition for a healthy body and mind. Federico is the yoga teacher, while Ricardo focuses on the food. Given their many years of experience, they offer a variety of different branches of yoga – Hatha, pranayama, meditation, to name just a few.

There are 2 retreats organised every month, with each one having a particular focus that is supposed to encourage all guests to come together and work through a common goal together during the retreat. As well as these organised retreats, they also offer yoga and surfing holidays at other times throughout the year, where people can drop in, stay as long as they like and take part in the daily yoga classes.

The atmosphere here is more relaxed than at other retreats. It is worth noting that lunch and dinner are not included in the price of your retreat, but a vegan brunch is offered every morning after your first yoga session. You are, however, very close to many amazing restaurants within Ericeira.

To find out prices for this particular retreat you can check out:

Moka Surfhouse and Yoga retreat

This one is located on a hill above the Säo Juliāo beach. It is a huge Portuguese style villa, with a big garden and a terrace providing fantastic views out over the Atlantic. There are double, twin and dormitory-style rooms available here, with the maximum number of guests being 20. As such it has a really warm, cosy relaxed vibe.

All the staff here are Italian and they love their food! Don’t expect the usual healthy vegetarian or vegan retreat options here – they instead offer pizza and pasta as well as fantastic coffee! During a week’s retreat, breakfast will be offered every day as well as 3 dinners during the week. All yoga and meditation workshops etc take place in a 66-metre square Mongolian yurt.

This retreat is further out from central Ericeira, however, free daily transfers to and from Ericeira are included in the price of a weekly retreat. There are also free bikes at the retreat, bus stops nearby and good walking routes, so it is still very easy to access everything Ericeira has to offer despite the retreat being more remote.

This is a good option for those who want a more relaxed retreat, where you can enjoy a hearty bowl of pasta and an alcoholic beverage in the evening without causing any drama, but still gain all the benefits from yoga too.

For more information on the specific retreats they offer see:

Omassim Guesthouse

This retreat is located a bit further out in the village of Ribamar which is approximately 5.4 km away from Ericeira. There are no buses to this remote location. You are able to walk along the coast from Ericeira to Ribamar, or you could get a taxi which would only take around 5 minutes.

Unlike the other two above, there are no ocean views offered here, the nearest beach is a 15-minute walk away. It is located in the countryside and does offer beautiful countryside views as a nice alternative.

The overall vibe is calm and peaceful. Lia and Eduardo who run Omassim are lovely and welcoming and very enthused about teaching about yoga and more holistic lifestyles in general.

Weekly retreats are offered, running from Saturday to Saturday, there is always the possibility to start on other days but you’d have to contact them directly to check availability first. There are two main yoga sessions each day. The morning session tends to be Vinyasa flow, while the evening session is usually more yin or restorative type yoga. There is also a 30-minute daily meditation offered every evening, prior to the yoga class. 3 daily meals are offered, served up in the style of a vegetarian buffet.

There is also a big garden, with a pool, to further aid with your relaxation and there are some amazing countryside walks if you’re in the mood for some mindful walking and getting in touch with nature.

This retreat is best for people looking for a really in-depth retreat. It’s remote location and distance from Ericeira take away some of the distractions that may be present at some of the other retreats available.

For further information see:

These are only 3 of the amazing yoga retreats that are on offer in and around Ericeira, but we hope they can provide you with some insight as to what to expect from different retreats!

As always, we’d say plan well, do plenty of research beforehand and you’ll be sure to find the right retreat for you. 

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