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Many know France and Italy as the land of wine, but many tend to overlook the wine of Portugal. With its plethora of vineyards and perfect weather for wine-growing, Portuguese wine is not one you want to skip out on. One of the best areas in Portugal for wine is Lagos, where four types of wine reign supreme: red, white, rosé, and licorosa – a fortified wine. These wines come from two main grape varieties, the Castelão and the Negra Mole. 

There are many ways to experience the wines of Portugal, including tours and solo winery visits. You can even stay in wine hotels in Portugal! In today’s blog we have compiled the best winery tours in Lagos, and which wineries are best for solo travellers. 

Wine Group Tours:

Four Hour Wine Tasting Tour

Led by a local guide, this group tour explores the winery’s production room and barrel room to see how the wine is made and stored. It is a great way to learn all about the production of local wines. After seeing these spaces, take a moment to try different types of wine with a side of delicious tapas (small dishes). The fun doesn’t end here though! Take a ride from the winery to the historic village of Silves, to stroll around the beautifully cobbled streets. You can even walk up to the Castillo de Silves to marvel at the spectacular Moorish architecture. 

Full Day Tour – Silves, Caldas, Monchique

The average wine tour takes around three to five hours, but if you and your group want something a bit longer, this tour is the perfect choice! This full day tour starts off in Silves, where you can visit the Silves Cathedral, Archeology Museum of Silves, or the Castillo de Silves. All of these are full of artifacts, and can teach you a lot about the history of the region. But a wine tour wouldn’t be a wine tour without wine! When you finish exploring Silves, you will visit a local winery and try multiple regional wines. Whichever winery you visit will be family-owned, so you can relax knowing you are supporting local businesses. 

The tour car will then drive the group up the mountains to Monchique to visit the spectacular Thermal Spa of Caldas. Take a moment to relax here and marvel at the scenery of Monchique. But, this isn’t even the end of the tour yet! To wrap up this full day tour is a visit to visit Fóia which is the highest point in Algarve. Standing at 902 meters, you will get one of the most breathtaking views in all of Portugal. 

Algarve Wines Routes

Although the previous tours had wine stops, they also took you to other areas. This tour focuses solely on taking you on a wine tasting adventure. It is the best choice for wine lovers who want to visit a variety of wineries while in Portugal. During the three to five hours you are on this tour, you will visit wineries in Lagoa and Silves. A local tour guide will take you around the farm to show where the whole wine-making process begins. There are two main wineries you will likely visit – they may change to a different local winery if there are no vacancies at that time.

Quinta Do Frances Winery

Located in Silves, take a guided tour in this winery and learn all about the wine-making process while tasting some incredible wine. Enjoy your wine with some delicious tapas with ingredients sourced from local farms. 

Quinta João Clara

This third-generation, family owned farm is an absolute delight! Unlike most wineries, Quinta João Clara is run by the women of the family, leading a new wave in the wine industry. The farm has around 34 acres of vineyards growing a variety of grapes like the Alvarinho, Syrah and Negra Mole. 

Solo Wine Trips:

Adega de Cantor

Even if you are traveling alone you can spend an amazing day at the wineries of Portugal. At Adega de Cantor, you are able to book tours if you want to visit the vineyards and winery of Quinta do Miradouro. The tour, of course, includes tasting award-winning wines that are sold on site as well. When traveling solo, there is a charge of 10.00€, which is pretty well priced for a tour and wine tasting.  

Quinta dos Vales Wine Estate

There are so many activities to do at this winery you may just end up staying here for a full day! Although you can take a tour of the premises, you can also take a spontaneous trip and taste the abundant range of wines made at Quinta dos Vales. Have your glass of wine on their patio and enjoy the gorgeous panoramic views of the vineyards, or take a lovely walk in the sculpture garden.  

Tasting tours are not the only activities offered at Quinta dos Vales. There are bottle blending workshops where you can make your own wine to take home with you. If that is not your cup of tea (or wine?), there are painting, cork work, and bread making workshops for you to try as well!

Quinta do Canhoto

Traveling is a life-changing experience, but it can also leave quite the carbon footprint. This winery is made for those who are trying to travel in a more sustainable fashion. Quinta do Canhoto is constructed based on Bioclimatic architecture, so the wine can be produced in an eco-friendly manner. For a tour of the winery and wine tasting, you can book a small group visit for 15.00€ per person. But if you want a wine tour and four course lunch, book the “wine lunches” package for 45.00€ per person. It is the best of both worlds!

Whether you are in a group, or traveling by yourself, there are so many different ways to explore the wineries in the Lagos area. Take the time to venture out and try the local wine of Portugal. You will see just how amazing it is! 

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