Faro to Lisbon

It’s easy to get from Faro to Lisbon by car, bus and train. My preferred way is to take the train – they are frequent and comfortable and Faro train station is walkable from the city centre.

Faro to Lisbon by Train

The Faro to Lisbon train takes just over 3 hours. Some take 3h05 and some take 3h30 depending what time you depart and which train you get. The fastest is the AF (Alfa Pendicular). The train comes into Lisbon Oriente which is well serviced by the Lisbon Metro.

How to book online

You can book it online with cp.pt or buy your ticket at Faro station. By booking online, you will be able to ensure you have a ticket for the time of train that you want. The booking website works in a very similar way to www.thetrainline.com. But the difference is that you will be asked to add the number of your ID or citizen card. If you don’t have a Portuguese citizen card (which you won’t unless you are a Portuguese Citizen) then you can change this to ‘passport’ and add your passport ID number. You will then need to travel with your passport ID.

Booking in person at Faro ticket office

If you would like to buy your Faro to Lisbon train ticket at the ticket office in Faro, you will pleased to know that every ticket office person I have spoken to does speak English. However, if (like me!) you prefer to practice your Portuguese then here are some phrases that you might need:

  • Quero ir a…. (I want to go to…)
  • Ida y volta (there and back)
  • Hoje (today)
  • Que Linha? (what line/platform?)

How much does the train cost from Lisbon to Faro?

Booking online just one day in advance I got my ticket from Faro to Lisbon for just €22. Expect to pay in the region of €20-40 depending on train time and class. The standard class trains were extremely comfortable with toilets, but they did not have a charging point.

Bus Faro to Lisbon

If you prefer to get the bus you can get it from the bus terminal station located at Avenida da República next to the marina and hotel EVA. It’s very close to Faro train station. You can get a ticket for around €15-20 so a little cheaper, but it will take longer – approximately 4 hours or more depending on traffic.

Useful sites for booking bus tickets:


But, you can also turn up at the bus station and buy one there, but make sure that you get there early. Sometimes there can be a queue.

Faro to Lisbon by Car

You can drive to Lisbon from Faro if you rent or own a car. You can also hire one 😉

Provided there is no traffic you should be able to make this journey in around 2h40. It could be over 3 hours if there is traffic and if you want to make stops along the way. Remember to budget for toll roads (around €25) if you want to take the fastest and easiest route.

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